Meet Patti Van Benschoten

patti van benschoten headshot

NYC Interior Designer Patti Van Benschoten, heads a unique and full service-design firm. Patti is a graduate from from the New York School of Interior Design. As a high end interior designer, she relies on her professional knowledge, savvy taste, and exceptional customer relations. Through a full range of interior design services, Patti surpasses the focus of design and prides herself on creating a luxurious ambiance that correlates to authentic style for each client.

"By taking the time to understand the individual needs of each client and applying them to their unique environment, I am able to mesh historical design elements with current design sensibility, and create an aesthetic that is both timeless, relevant, chic and livable."  Blending personal lifestyles with a deep understanding of design leads to a perfect project plan."

Interior design is not just a career for Patti, it’s a passion that stems from her days traveling around the world discovering intricate architectural styles and aesthetics. Inspired by culture, fashion and travel, Patti's design aspect focuses on the manipulation of spatial aspects and how they alter the human experience.

Using fresh, spirited and timeless designs, Patti's design aesthetic is often described as sophisticated, warm & approachable with a unique splash of surprise. It's this approach that has earned Patti both the trust of her clients and a reputation for being at the top of her field.

Project Management

As head of a Full Service Interior Design & Project Management Company, Patti handles everything from conception to completion. This includes helping to plan your vision and then bringing together all the elements including manpower to make it happen. From simple remodeling to full out renovations, no project is too large or small. Patti will work with you to decide the level of design services your unique project and budget requires.